Time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometry (MS) is one of the most important analyzing techniques which works based on ionization and separation of ions in vacuum. It has the capability of detecting a wide range of chemical and biological substances through measuring the mass and fragmentation pattern of analytes. It also has a broad range of applications in physical and life sciences through measuring the molecular weight of chemicals.

Laser Ionization TOF Mass Spectrometer

This mass spectrometer is furnished with an ND-YAG laser as the ionization source. Solid and gas samples can be easily analyzed using the laser source. The sample is coated on a slide where it is radiated with the laser beam to be desorbed and ionized in the gas phase and accelerated into the flight tube.


In this instrument ions are formed in ambient pressure and orthogonally extracted to the acceleration region, where the ions repeatedly accelerated into the flight tube. Atmospheric Pressure Ionization (API) Time-of-Flight (TOF) mass spectrometry allows fast and direct analysis of samples. All kinds of atmospheric pressure ionization sources such as Corona Discharge, Electrospray, UV photionization, and thermal ionization are compatible with the TOF



Analyzer: Reflectron TOF

Mass Accuracy: 100 ppm

Mass Range: 1-300 amu

Resolution: 600

Scan Rate: 20 kHz

Pressure: 10-6 torr


Ionization Source

Electrospray, Corona Discharge, UV, Filament



Determination of Molecular Weigh

Pharmaceutical analysis

Bioavailability studies

Drug metabolism studies, pharmacokinetics

Characterization of potential drugs

Drug degradation product analysis

Screening of drug candidates

Identifying drug targets

Biomolecule characterization

Environmental analysis

Pesticides in food

Soil and groundwater contamination

Forensic analysis/clinical