Design and optimization of a corona discharge ionization source for ion

    Direct determination of ultra-trace amounts of acetone by IMS

    Ion mobility spectrometry in helium with corona discharge ionization source

    A novel electron source for negative IMS

    Temperature Corrections for IMS

    Direct Detection of Ultra-trace Amount of Trihalomethanes in Water by Negative IMS

    Proton affinity measurements

    Analysis of Explosives by IMS

    Temperature Effect on Resolution of IMS

    Thermal Ionization IMS

    A Novel Use of Negative IMS

    Corona discharge IMS at reduced pressures

    Compairing Pressure&Temperature on IMS

    Pressure effects on resolution in IMS

    A New Method for Measuring the Diffusion Coefficient in a Gas Phase

    Quantitative analysis of morphine and noscapine using IMS

    Rapid screening of methamphetamines in human serum by IMS

    Determination of aflatoxins B1 and B2 using IMS


    The effect of ion molecule reactions on peaks in IMS

    Transmission of different ions through shutter grid

    An alkali ion source based on graphite intercalation compounds for IMS

    Kinetic study of proton-bound dimer formation using ion mobility spectrometry

    Detection of explosives by positive IMS

    Inverse Ion Mobility Spectrometry

    Relative transmission of different ions through shutter grid

    Determination of ochratoxin A in licorice root using inverse ion mobility

    Determination of Methadone in Human Hair by Headspace Extraction

    Atmospheric pressure gas-phase ammoniumalkyl ammonium exchange studies


    Improved Design for the Atmospheric Pressure

    Peak−Peak Repulsion in Ion Mobility Spectrometry

    Combined corona discharge and UV photoionization source for ion

    The effects of temperature and relative humidity on

    Protonation of caffeine A theoretical and experimental study

    Determination of Aflatoxins G1 and G2

    Thermodynamic study of proton-bond dimers formation inatmospheric pressure

    An NO+ reactant ion source for ion mobility spectrometry

    Application of ion mobility spectrometry in study


    IMS of Heavy metals